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IdeaGram: "A uniquely evolutionary approach to thinking, concentrating and developing visual diagrams to convey the inherent wisdom and content of concepts and narrative material."

Dennis Starkovich

"You are what you imagine yourself to be"
from the

3 – IdeaGram: Life Phases & Death (Personal Philosophy and Psychology)

4 – IdeaGram: Religion / Spirituality 

 (Aspects of Duty and God...or Not)


2 – Stretching Exercises


1 – IdeaGram: The Mind & The Brain

(Truth, Lairs and Liars)

2 – IdeaGram: Poetry and Pictures (Contributions and Collaboration)

1 – Introduction To Exercises


What they are and some samples (Outlines of Narrative Material)
A method of Chronicling, Analyzing and Organizing Your Life

Personal Bio

samples and templates

Applications from birth to maturity. 
The Author's Corner is a section for collaboration with people authors and writers.
Templates and Tutorials
Helpful Tools and Practical Applications

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in and submit your own IdeaGram

Life Analysis & Planning > Mental, Physical, and Mind Spirt exercises.

Charles Duhigg

New York Times Best Selling Author of

" Smarter Faster Better " 

" Dennis...These charts are amazing !!

Jack Morton

Palo Alto City Council 2002 – 2010 (about) Palo Alto Vice Mayor 2009 – 2010

" The calming, stress release role you play, is one of the things I've valued about you over the last 35 or more years we have known each other." 

Robert Reidy

Stanford Vice President, Land, Buildings and Real Estate 

"Mr Starkovich's expertise transcends the application of the network analysis techniques to include the planning and management of the design process, enabling superior planning and coordination of projects from concept to completion."

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