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This is a section for teaching and learning the process of reading, using and creating IdeaGrams.
The lessons include some detailed descriptions and explanations of how the process evolved

in the field of project management.

Lesson One

Lesson One: Introduction Introduction and 1979 Testimonial from John Joss on the KPEN radio station program: “This is Technology Update, reporting from Silicon Valley, World Headquarters of the 21st Century.”

Lesson Two
(PERT/CPM History)

Lesson Two: PERT/CPM History

Presenting the historical background of the Project Management and Network Analysis process, using a bar chart type IdeaGram to illustrate the content of a 1965 article written by my mentor, Karl F. Elliott

Lesson Three

Lesson Three: Brainstorming
(Using Mind Maps or Mind Charts)

This lesson illustrates the use of a Mind Map or Mind Chart as a method for Brainstorming. It is different from the development of an IdeaGram. The techniques are complementary.

Lesson Four
(Logic Diagram Exercise)

Lesson Four: Logic Diagram Exercise

This lesson is an exercise to prepare a diagram according to certain pre-defined logic requirements. There is no content – it is an exercise in diagramming and logic.

Lesson Five

Lesson Five: Symbols and Definitions

This lesson describes the symbols and definitions used in the traditional PERT/CPM process of network analysis and project planning. Included is a sample diagram used in 1980 for the launch of a missile launch.

Lesson Six
(Shakespeare and Life)

Lesson Six: Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and an IdeaGram about Life’s Phases

This lesson starts to tell in greater detail how to prepare an IdeaGram of written material, using Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night as the example. There is also an illustration of Life’s Phases.

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