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Kristen Ulmer

Author of the best-selling book "The Art of Fear"

Kristen Ulmer is recognized as one of the top big mountain extreme skiers in the world. She is also known for her mastery of other dangerous sports including rock climbing, kiteboarding, paragliding, extreme mountain biking, and even the flying trapeze. She has been referred to as “the most extreme woman athlete in North America”. 
Ulmer knows fear well, and in her new book " The Art of Fear," she makes her case that 'Fear' in and of itself is not the problem. Fear is relevant and important.  It is our misguided reaction to fear that holds people back from experiencing all that life has to offer. ​

"Fear is not the problem in our lives, it’s our avoidance of fear that is the problem. If you become unwilling to feel or even acknowledge it, and put fear in the basement–a habit that is almost universally supported by society, that emotion will then start to sabotage your life in devastating ways that are either obvious or covert. This has gotten so rampant, in fact, that today almost every problem we have is now tied in some way to our avoidance of fear."

Powerful Mindset Training for Sports, Business, and Life. Known for offering a faster alternative to problem-solving than therapy or meditation.

The attached IdeaGram offers an illustration of her method. In 2012 she wrote to me: “You’ve been at this for awhile. Nice passion to have!”



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