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David Brooks

New York Times Columnist, NPR Commentator & Author of "Road to Character"
Cultural Shift
(Source Material)

Road to Character

This excellent book includes a cogent summary of the evolution of Western thought and philosophies.

(Cultural Shift)

IdeaGram of the Cultural Shift and Summary of the Evolution of Western Thought and Philosophies

The two written pages that are diagrammed are an amazing explanation of the evolution described.

(Humility Code)

Humility Code

As proposed at the conclusion of David Brooks book on the Road to Character. This IdeaGram is in the process of being created.


Humility Code
(Source Material

Humility Code

"Human beings seek a life of purpose, meaningfulness, righteousness, virtue and NOT just one of pleasure." Enjoy this perspective on life...

Ted Talk
(David's Ted Talk)

Link to David's Ted Talk  How to live a life of depth and meaning over success and achievement. One way to begin the journey is by asking yourself one simple, yet difficult, question, "Am I living for my résumé or my eulogy?"

David Brooks

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This is an excellent book in many ways. The scope that is presented includes the development of Western philosophies, biographical analysis of unique characters in history and David Brooks own evolution.

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