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Nei Kung

"Neigong, also spelled nei kung, neigung, or nae gong, refers to a series of internal changes that a practitioner goes through when following the path to Dao, and these changes may be achieved through practices including qigong or tai chi."Neigong exercises that are part of the neijia tradition involve cultivating physical stillness and or conscious (deliberate) movement, designed to produce relaxation or releasing of muscular tension. The ultimate purpose of this practice is for the individual to become at one with heaven or the Dao"

Nei Kung Movements / Postures

1) Embracing Horse

2) Riding The Wild Horse

3) Playing P'I P'A

4)The Compass

5) Double Dragons Leap From The Sea

6) Rhinoceros Gazes At The Moon

7) Riding Tiger

8) Phoenix Spreads Wings

9) Hitting The Tiger

10) Owl Turns Head

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