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Life Phases, Death, Log-A-Rhythm, Daily Logs and Life Analysis

The page is a section for considering the concepts of Life Phases, Death, And Meditating on Death according to Buddhist Philosophy
Life Phases
(Time Line)

A Time Line for 100 Years:​

This Bar Chart / Time Line represents the phases of Life According to East Indian / Hindu Teachings, a Western Equivalent and a Striking poem by William Butler Yeats

Life Phases
(Original Notes)
The original hand drawn document from 1982
A succinct commentary from the mathematician and philosopher Bertrand
Russell on how to manage the fear of death
An IdeaGram chart illustrating the Buddhist tradition of Death Meditation that originated with Buddha Sakyamuni
Death Meditation
(Source Material)
FROM TUSHITA Number 1 A German publication, probably from the late 1970’s, dedicated to His Holiness the Dalai Lama
(1981 Description) 
This is an overview of a systematic method of chronicling, analyzing and organizing one’s life – developed in 1981 and used periodically.
Daily Log
(Record Keeping) 
This is a format for keeping a daily log to monitor sleep, eating habits, exercise and activity. Different from a personal device because you are the person observing and monitoring. Actual examples included.
(Workshop Website) 
Life examination overview and workshop
Life Line Analysis
(Bar Chart) 
This is a time line chart of my life from 1949 to 1980. Putting things down like this evolved over time. Looking back is as powerful a planning tool as looking forward.
Life Line Analysis
(Original Notes) 

These are the original notes (in the form of a timeline) that were the basis for the Life Line Bar Chart. It was a "deep dive" into my self-observations at that time

Life Line Analysis
This is a “Questionnaire” in the form of Boxes and Ladders – a visual diagram technique useful for organizing content in pre-scripted categories.
Reflections, Goals
(What is success ?) 

These three commentaries about things to consider in reflection, the symptoms of inner peace (goals) and the nature of success are worth reading. They have all provided inspiration to me over the years. I thank the givers: Deepak Chopra, Bobbi Spurr and Karl F. Elliott.

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