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IdeaGram by Musician Brian Withycombe

I was introduced to Dennis's concept of IdeaGram 8 years ago. It instantly registered with me. By nature, I am very drawn and at home to viewing or being explained things visually. IdeaGram is a great tool to drill down and lay out complex subjects and narratives or, in my case, how to visually represent and explain music theory and all its varied symbols, techniques, languages, styles, and divisions. 


When I started, I completely underestimated the sheer scope of what I had undertaken. Almost anywhere on the internet, you can find simple diagrams outlining the basics of music theory. However, they all have one thing in common… they barely scratch the surface. Using an IdeaGram as a visual representation is the most logical way to span music's many complexities and variations. 


What I have set to accomplish is a comprehensive visual IdeaGram, including everything I can find that relates to music theory. Needless to say, it is a GIANT undertaking. When finally completed, organized, and proofread, the finished drawing will be suitable for framing. 


Below is the IdeaGram I got started on. It is in no way complete. Many branches are not connected yet as I continually add more items. I am likely to move items around as well. Much of what is here is me grabbing all the parts I want to add and slowly shifting things into their final resting spots. 


The Challenge is to Start with the first three branches, Notes, Rhythm, and Harmony, and slowly walk someone left to right through the maze of languages and symbols we use to represent the many facets of modern music. It is sort of a "Once you understand one idea, you move to the right, and the previous subject is split into more detail, followed in some cases by more items. 


Once you understand how things flow and follow one another logically, you start to see the unlimited power of creating an IdeaGram to visually represent almost any subject you can think of. 

Music IdeaGram for Website.png

Brian Withycombe is an award-winning Bay Area pianist, songwriter, arranger, producer, music mentor/teacher, and multi-keyboardist with over 30 albums and 213 recordings selling worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, Sound Cloud, and Rhapsody. His original music is played daily in over 25 countries worldwide and featured in films, videos, and television. 


As a private music theory and piano teacher, Brian's students range from Fortune 500 CEOs and vice presidents to professional performing musicians to straight-up beginners, all looking for a teacher who can motivate, inspire, and go beyond the norms of what is expected. In each case, he delivers and exceeds their expectations. 


Brian has played and shared the stage with some of the world's most famous and influential stars, artists, and musicians. He has over 4,000 recordings showcasing his skills in jazz, pop, Latin, rock, blues, country, and fusion.

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