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Emotional Stress Release

Get Your Mind Back in Order

Emotional Stress Release Tool
Emotion can be a primary factor in muscle imbalances. It aggravates physical problems arising from other sources. Knowing how to take the emotional stress out of a situation promotes recovery. Emotional stress release (ESR) is a great technique to get your mind and feelings back in control. It permits the intellect to go to work finding positive alternatives with which to handle troublesome situations. ESR doesn't solve problems, but it helps you deal with stress more efficiently.

Emotional Stress Release is a way to get your mind back in control. It's a meditative process that helps relieve fears and frustrations.

Emotional Stress Release Technique
To begin, touch the frontal eminences. In simple English, put your hand on the person's forehead. Use 2 or 3 fingers (or the palm of your hand) on the forehead to touch the neurovascular holding points. These points are the spots on the upper forehead, a little to the outside of the center. Apply only enough pressure to slightly stretch the skin.

Talk About the Situation
Ask the person to begin talking about a stressful event from the beginning and to go all the way through until he or she has come to the end of the incident, or up to the point where he or she is now within the incident. Tell the person to nod their head or take a deep breath when he or she gets to the end of the story (current moment).

Repeat the Process
Have the person repeat this process at least 3 times. On the third time, tell him or her to imagine how  the situation should be resolved in the future. In talking through the process, tell the person to just reflect on the thoughts and events that come to mind. No judging is necessary, just visualize the events and thoughts that have taken place from the original event to the present. The thoughts or events can be the same or different on each pass. Tell the person to be secure in the knowledge that having a hand on the forehead helps to relieve the emotional stress related to the incident. It is a part physiological, part psychological process.

ESR works well in getting relief from nightmares, fears, frustrations, and other problems that affect personal and professional efficiency and creativity. It works just as well on yourself as others. Use the same process holding your own forehead while alone. You can even rest your hand on your forehead while lying down for a brief afternoon nap. It is a calming feeling.

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