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Video 1


IdeaGram Lesson Videos

This short 2-minute video is an introduction to the concept of IdeaGrams. 

This is the first lesson in a series of videos on IdeaGrams. This video is an introduction into visual diagraming. 

In the second video lesson, we present an exercise the is a precursor to creating IdeaGrams. We provide a Logic Diagram Exercise and start the process of solving it. 

In our third lesson, we take the Logic Diagram Exercise from lesson 2 and show how we arrived at the solution.

In our fourth lesson, we take our completed solution and incorporate basic items from what is called a Network Diagram. We will add the concept of milestones and durations into our chart.

In the fifth lesson, we create our first IdeaGram from an article on "How To Read Faster". 

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